Smart Skin Generator

Smart Skin Generator is the first REAL Website Color Scheme Generator that is especially designed to generate awesome monochromatic Smart Skins with only one click and can be easily applied on Wiz – The Smart WordPress theme to customize your entire website color scheme in less than a minute by copying and pasting generated hex codes into their proper fields.

You are not stuck anymore with the color scheme(s) provided with theme you buy. With Smart Skin and the Generator you can completely change your website color scheme to exactly match your brand color scheme literarily in minutes. Feel free to check How-to guide below the color scheme generator that will guide you through website color scheme customization process.

Ps: For now Smart Skin Website Color Scheme Generator is able to generate excellent light Smart Skins, If you are interested in designing a dark color scheme  Click here to get notified when Dark Website Color Scheme Generator is ready.

How Smart Skin Generator Works

The idea behind Smart Skin Generator is to make it easy to generate set of tints and shades that will give a good visual sense of cohesion and a good contrast with the primary color when applied on your website using the Smart Skin tool available in Wiz Smart Theme.

To attain that we came up with what we call “The Formula” which is a complicated relation between all website elements’ colors. Let’s take the sub-menu as an example.. We can say that sub-menu background color should be darker than body background color, In the same time it should be lighter than the sub-menu separators’ color, and for sure sub-menu text color must be darker than them all.. etc.

Smart Skin is using this formula intelligently to apply it’s 9 colors skin on 100+ website elements. and smart skin generator made it even easier by helping you generating 7 out of those 9 colors so you need only to select 2 colors to build an amazing website color scheme.

If this is your first time using it you should understand the Smart skin values. please watch the video below to know how Smart Skin will use each value on your website.

Step “1”: Choose The Primary Color

Well, to generate an awesome color scheme yo need first to choose 2 colors that matches your brand color scheme. the first color is the primary color it should be a vivid color and in most cases it could be one of your logo colors, If you are using Wiz Smart Skin primary color is automatically applied on buttons background (a darker shade from it automatically generated to be used for hover), Primary color also used for links hover color  and image’s overlay color. We will not use primary color here in Smart Skin Generator but its important to decide it first in order to be able to select the main complement color “T1” that will help us generate our website color scheme.

Step “2”: Choose “T1”

Before Choosing T1 you should know first that it will be used for all headings from H1 to H6 plus and also Widget titles, all website links.

Also its the main color which will be used by the generator to generate 7 tints and shades to be applied on the rest of website elements.

Note. It will be better for your website to choose a darker hue for T1 

Step “3”: Generate and Apply on your Website

after choosing the T1 Hex value use it in the generator above to generate the rest of values and apply them on your website by going to: Theme Options > Customizer > Smart Skin > Smart Skin Customizer and copying n’ pasting these values their and save.

While Smart Skin Generator is especially designed to work with Wiz you still can use it as a monochromatic website color scheme generator that will make it easy for you to get a cohesive set of shades and tints and use on your website, It may take you longer time to apply it on the entire website as you will need to change the hex value of each element but it’s doable anyway. Just make sure that you understand which hex will be applied on which elements.