We’ve built Wiz to be translation ready so you can translate into any language. The process of translating the theme is a user responsibility. The following instructions are given only for guidance.

  • Download and install POEDIT
  • Connect to your site via FTP and open wp-content/themes/wiz/languages directory
  • Download the wiz.pot file and open it with POEDIT.
  • Translate file and save it as to your language name For example, if you’re translating Chinese for China, the file should be name zh_CH.po, and for a Tagalog translation for the Philippines would be tl_PH.po
  • Two files will be generated after saving zh_CH.po and zh_CH.mo
  • Upload the .mo and .po files into wp-content/themes/wiz/languages folder

For more details about WordPress Translation process check the following resources: